One of Hong Kong’s best hidden street dessert-糖蔥餅 (Tong Chung Bang)

One of the most well-hidden traditional Cantonese “street dessert” is called 糖蔥餅

(Tong Chung Bang- Candy & coconut wrap or Sugar Pancake in English). The hawker makes this dessert on spot. I guess they can’t prepare it in advance, otherwise the crunchiness wouldn’t be so perfect.


What is that dessert made from? It’s a small plain crispy waffle slice, sprinkled with sugar coconut and/or sesame, wrapped into a flour wrap.


Waffle inside the wrap. nice and tidy



Half way through! Looking like a Shark bite in it (but extra yumi)












It’s nice to watch the hawker preparing it. I think what makes is so appealing, beside the fact that it’s simply delicious with a playful texture, is their unusual tailor-made cart design. Well, it’s not really a cart but more a “box” as it doesn’t have any wheel. They are especially made to sell these Candy & Coconut wraps. The “box” outlook really expresses the nostalgia from the old days in Hong Kong. The wraps are kept in a metallic cylinder, fillings next to it. Inside the cart’s main body, there is a glass window from where you can see the waffles slices. And it only costs 8$ (= 1USD or in 0,9Euro).

you can see the waffles slices through the main body’s glass window

If you want to find this dessert, try the bridge that crosses over the Kowloon Tong MTR station. Another spot is under the bridge next to the Tai Po market. Go there around 6-8pm and not on rainy days.


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