Japanese… Kiri, Kiri, Kiriiiiiiiii !!!

No, not harakiri, just Kiri.  ;p

Kiri is one of Bel Group’ s main brand (Bel is a French multinational marketer). It is very famous for its processed square portions cheese:


What is surprising about this brand is how they conquered the Japanese market. They not just sell your typical Kiri cheese portions but some …. very quirky versions of it (needless to say, they only be found in Japan).

Image taken from Bel’s group website http://www.bel-group.com/en/brands/brands/kiri

TO ALL THE KIRI LOVERS, let me introduce you to the wonders of the Kiri marketing! the Kiri in Japan!

First, the Kiri “Rare cheese Tart” (Yes Mam’, Kiri is massively produced but still has the mysterious ability to stay “rare”).


Filling’s texture resembles a heavy compact cheesecake. The crust is your typical industrial short crust pastry. The combination of both making it a rather bland and a little bit compact dessert. Nothing to be excited about.What about the Kiri taste? Mmmm you really have to be VERY imaginative to find it.

Next is the Kiri ice cream! Why not? I tried a Recholon flavoured homemade ice cream once in Paris. I enjoyed it… though none of my friends did.


This dessert is topped with nuts and there are layers of caramel sauce inside. Ice cream’s texture is very creamy, firm but not too hard.  Without the topping and sauce it would definitely be quickly boring but the result of this combination is truly nice. I enjoyed this Kiri ice cream though the Kiri taste was nowhere to be found, which was a bit disappointing. If you really think hard you might find some similarities with Kiri. But on a blind test you could not tell. Maybe it’s just not meant to taste like exactly like Kiri after all, since it’s a dessert! We don’t expect cheesecakes to taste like cheese.

inside the packaging

Last is the Premium Roll Cake Ice.


I didn’t have enough room to taste a third one. The packaging was not so attractive. When I look at this product, my brain sees Kiri cheese spreads on a thick slice of bread even though I know it’s a sweet roll cake. I still wonder how does it taste….

Another day I tried this mochi Kiri ice cream imported from Japan. How could guess this combinaison would be so awesome! the ice cream inside definitely taste like Kiri compare to the other one I tried and there’s a nice sweet filling in the middle ❤



And a bonus if you’d like to go further. This website has some example of crazy Kiri’s flavor you can find in Asia: http://www.miamz.fr/tag/kiri/

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.46.47 AM.png
Peach and Strawberries Kiri  –  Photo credit to http://miamz.fr/tag/kiri/

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