West European girl lost in Asia for about 8 years. Having many hobbies, among them, you guess it… FOOD!!! But you need to know one thing first. Yes, I might be a so called”foodie”…but from a different breed. Since forever, I have an ongoing quest for trying new thing (well, new to me). The weirder, the quirkier, the most uncanny, the most exotic something looks….the better! I am excited to experience new flavors, new textures, new ways of eating.  It is not always about whether I’ll like it or not, but about the experience itself. If it’s good, wonderful. It’s disgusting, then, now I know (and I can tell you :p). However, you have to know that my tolerance with strange food is set up pretty high, you’ll be warned!

As much as food is a very subjective matter, I strongly believe that if you try new things without apprehension but with an open mind, heart…. and mouth! We are all likely to like a lot more things than we think!

Lately, thinking about alllllll these crazy things passing regularly through my digestive system, my quest felt all of a sudden, empty. If there was to be a quest, there must be a journal to keep track of it, right?

Hope you enjoy my blog!